Yul Edochie – Stop Monitoring My Marital Affairs, Focus On Country’s Problems

A Nigerian Popular nollywood actor has criticized those keeping an eye on his marriage affairs while ignoring the urgent problems facing the country.

Yul Edochie wrote on his social media (Facebook) handle to criticize Nigerians for being worried about his marital affairs instead of focusing on the implications of Nigeria’s debt to China under Buhari’s administration.

The China Exim Bank over the years provides massive debt servicing to Nigeria.

The actor also said that the terms and conditions of the loans included a complete takeover of Nigeria if they fail to pay back the debt within the given time.

The Nollywood actor stated that instead of Nigerians worried about his marital affairs, these are part of the topics they should ponder on a daily basis across social media platforms so as to pressure Nigerian leaders to wake up from their slumber and pay back these loans they borrowed in order to prevent Nigerians from becoming slaves in their own fathers land.

The actor, sharing a photo, said: “Good morning ladies & gentlemen. Hope you’re all doing well today.

“So while many of you are busy monitoring & discussing how many women Yul Edochie married and why he shouldn’t marry them which is not your business, China has plans to take over many African countries including Nigeria.

“And if that happens we simply become slaves again.

“According to reports, China has given large amounts of loans to Nigeria and many other African countries and the agreement says, ‘Failing to pay back the loans, China will take over XYZ in your country’.

As I am writing this now, China has started building police stations and Army bases in some African countries.

“It’s only a matter of time, God forbid, Nigerians will become slaves to Chinese in our own country.

“These are some of the discussions we should be having on all platforms, day and night, and find ways to charge our leaders to wake up and work out means to repay these loans; otherwise we are finished.

“I say make I give una update. Have a beautiful day.”


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