Yemi Alade: The Nigerian singer reveals what motivated her to pursue a career in music.

Yemi Alade is on the list of the most influential African female artists. Known for her unparalleled talent, the singer opened up about her career, including her musical debut, in a recent interview.

 He is one of the emblematic figures of Nigerian and African music. It was released as a cult Johnny song in 2014 and became a worldwide hit, and Yemi Eberechi Alade linked a number of songs that became a smash hit after being released under his real name. If Yemi Alade is considered today as one of the best of her generation, it must be said that she never dreamed of a musical career. In a recent interview, the queen of Afro-pop clarified that her vocation for music began in 2009 after performing brilliantly in the reality show Peak Talent Show.

 “My mother has always loved music and always listened to music. As a child, she constantly encouraged me to participate in plays in primary and secondary school. “When I was young, I sang in the church choir and competed in college talent shows,” he said.

 “Before that, I was singing as a hobby and just for fun. I literally had no intention or intention of becoming an artist, but when I won the 2009 talent show, I realized it was my calling,” the Goodwill Ambassador said. from the UNDP.

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