Video: The heartbreaking moment healthcare attendants were seen making videos and laughing while BBN’s Rico needed life-saving help

Some nurses have been accused for their nonchalant attitude towards reality TV star, Rico Swavey, who was admitted at their hospital in Lagos.

In a video trending on the internet, Rico can be seen sitting on a chair while receiving oxygen as the nurses contemplate on how to move him into the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.

One of the nurse can be heard saying, “Oya, make we carry am now go inside” while a nurse chuckled. Another nurse said, “His oxygen is 90%. You people should stop making videos and let’s move him. Somebody is in critical condition and you’re making videos.”

The video has since caused  outrage on social media with some citizens calling for the immediate removal of the staff who should have attended to the situation with utter professionalism.

It was said that Rico Swavey passed away on Thursday morning, days after being involved in a ghastly acc#dent in Lagos.



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