The Madrid clan condemned Mbappe for his actions.

A video accusing Mbappe of not giving Hakimi a seat has once again become a hot topic. Like other Real Madrid players, Florentino Perez noticed this and made sure to let him know.

The fact that Mbappe didn’t move to Real Madrid this summer remains on Florentino Perez’s neck. However, the behavior of the Parisian striker and various frictions with his teammates reassure the supporters and the management of Madrid. Indeed, at the start of the season, Neymar himself complained about the actions and words of the Frenchman.
A new video was released today. We hear Mbappe angry and berated for not delivering a pass to Hakimi. According to Defensa Central, meringue fans and their bosses are paying attention to all these arguments. They believe that in the long run, the Bondi prodigy shares a Parisian wardrobe better than them. These attitudes are expelled from Madrid clubs that match the image they create. Will Mbappé definitively close Real Madrid?

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