NEED ADVICE. (Please read me carefully before making any judgment).

NEED ADVICE. (Please read me carefully before making any judgment).

I am a teacher in a well-known high school in the city of Douala (Cameroon) a high school whose name I prefer to keep silent, I am in the science and mathematics department.

Last year in my first class (series D), there was a student for whom I had a deep admiration and who always knew how to make the difference compared to others.

A fairly mature student judging by his reasoning, his personal hygiene and his behavior, a well-built student of 23 years old and who is 1m87 tall.

During the year I had to fight against my feelings by putting forward my self-esteem ( Pride ), I wanted to convince myself that it is unfair for a lady of my nature to fantasize so strongly on a boy who could be my son, who is not even level 4 at the university, but a simple high school student. My selection criteria for men over 12 years have always been older men with a fairly stable financial situation. But then how to explain the fact that I was so nervous every time I saw the girls in the class hovering around him? Of my torments I ended up resigning myself; before school was out we exchanged numbers. Recently after getting his probation we celebrated it in my apartment where we had had s*x…

I’m really starting to get attached to him but deep inside I still have this little fear that prevents me from making the relationship a reality, he knows how to talk to me to reassure me, and is ready to wait until I decide to formalize our relationship.

I told the situation to a friend who thinks it’s a big mistake, a nameless stupidity to have given myself to a 23-year-old kid.

I need advice that can help me, I beg you, before I make a decision that will be crucial for the rest of my life.

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