Man arrested for b#ting off his neighbor’s lips during a search for his car keys in Enugu

One Mr Chukwu Chibuzo, father-of-seven, and 48yrs of age,  is in serious condition at the hospital after he was a§§aulted and br¥talized by his neighbor known as Smart.

It was stated that the incident happened on Monday, October 10 at their residence in Enugu State. A source reports that the suspect had knocked on the victim’s door to check if anyone had seen his missing car keys

“Smart had asked my uncle if he had seen his missing keys that Monday morning. Then, Chibuzo -my uncle – answered by saying, ‘What’s my business with your car keys?,’ which provoked Smart. As my uncle was about to retreat into his apartment, the suspect gr@bbed him by his trousers and be@t him mercilessly.

My uncle’s wife and his kids who were present at the scene, came out to plead on his behalf. Their pleas fell on de@f ears and the suspect proceeded to b#t off the victim’s lips.

Neighbors raised an alarm and the suspect was arrested while Chibuzo was rushed to the hospital where he’s currently receiving medical treatment. 


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