Lady tells how she lost her phones during a d@ngerous expedition to Uyo for N40K

A lady has talked about how she lost her phone during a d@ngerous expedition in Uyo for 40k.

She explained how a friend and neighbor invited her for a parol through another girl she met on Facebook and that they will be paid 40k, so she agreed because she was out of cash. By 6pm they left for Uyo and got there around 11pm.

On their arrival, they met the girl and she told them that they would be spending the night with a DSS officer. They were taken to place like a field and the man said he was on duty so he took them to an uncompleted building and he said he is having them their since he is going reward them

So he began with the friend and he really gave her a hard one . Later they began to hear people talking outside so the man left to discuss with those people and then they moved to another location. Now it was the ladies turn and he gave her, her own hot round of s#x.

Now it was time to pay, so he said he was transferring the money, so he claimed he had transferred the money, moment later, he said he wanted to urinate and ask if he could go with their phones, they handed him all their phones and the man never returned.

It was then the lady said that she just met the lady they went to meet in Uyo that same day. They left the place around 1am so they saw a man who told them the place they were in was dangerous as he was carrying a bl€€ding hand. Police officer with a van met them and they told them that they were robbed , so the officer gave them their phone to check the lady that brought them over on Facebook, but the discovered that the account was locked , they could not trace their phones and also the other lady logged to her Facebook account to check the conversation she had with the lady but everything has wiped off.


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