I Was Crying that Day’: Nigerian Lady Builds Simple House, Seek Support to Have it Painted, Video of it Causes Reactions

A Nigerian lady, named Lydia, stir up commotion on social media after she celebrated building a simple house for herself and her family .

Lydia talked how construction work began on the site up until the foundation was laid and then the building was finished

Defending herself, the young lady revealed that no man actually helped her do it and didn’t sleep her way through to achieve it

The young Nigerian lady, has excitedly showcased a simple house she recently built as she celebrated her achievement on social media.

Photo Credit: TikTok/@lydiaclaxic Source: UGC

The pictures and clips she posted in a slide form captured how work began on the building location. From blocks being arranged around, the foundation was laid and then a building stood on the site.

While some said that she slept with people to be able to fund it and this didn’t go well  with the new house owner.

In a new TikTok clip, Lydia said that not all ladies sleep their way to success and that no man helped her to build it. She however appreciated a friend who gave her N36k to purchase two doors.


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