How to Register User

welcome to Purenaira it our pleasure to serve you as our registered user to be. If you’re a new user that wants to join us kindly go to buy coupon code page to get your activation code and follow the prompt.
In case of referral earners ( already registered) go to your dashboard and head exactly to Marketing  to get your affiliate link because only them your referral commission will reflect.

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552B07A8 DD0E 48B6 8228 B37B86483E41scroll to see the affiliate link after the page has loaded.

65E4DFE0 E6B5 48A8 B239 7F8CFABE8A1Bkindly copy the link correctly, the affiliate link consist of your username.
After copying you link go to a different web browser and load the link in the address box (recommended) or  you logout of the browser you are currently using then clear your caches and cookies to avoid losing your referral bonus then, load the link to register your downline.

On your menu locate registration page and click as shown.

66118DCE 795C 45BA 9066 176E2DB78FA5Make sure you purchase coupon code which is one time payment per user that is joining the platform for the first time before beginning the process.


You can choose to apply coupon at this point a proceed as indicated .

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Click where the pointed arrow is facing, a box will pops up wherefore enter the coupon code correctly as sold to you then, apply if the coupon is valid it shows coupon successfully applied and vice visa if it invalid.

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Note: you can always remove the coupon from cart if you change your mind about registration for future use.

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After filling your registration details go and tab on “place order” please do not click on it without filling your Username and password.

finally you have become Purener where we serve and stimulate your account balance steadily.


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