HIV-positive woman calls and confesses in a radio show for mixing her blood with Zobo and selling it to infect others

A woman yet to be identified has caused a stir after revealing on a radio show that she is HIV positive and sells her blood mixed with Zobo to unsuspecting customers.

The program’s hosts had asked their listeners—mostly traders—to phone in and confess something regrettable they had done in the past that no one knew about.

The woman then called in and made the shocking revelation.

After learning she was HIV positive, she told herself she would not die alone and that God would forgive her. She claimed that she has been injecting her blood into the zobo she sells for six months.

“I went to the hospital. They said I have HIV. I didn’t have money to treat myself. I started collecting my blood and adding it to the zobo and started selling it to many people”, she said in pidgin.

Watch her speak below,


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