Dr¥nk vigilante sh@t de@d by his son while testing the effectiveness of his charm in Adamawa State

Yusuf, a vigilante group member in Jada Local Government Area, Adamawa state, was sh@t de@d by his stepson, Suugbomsumen Adamu, while testing the efficacy of gun charms at their home.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Sunday, November 6. On that fateful day, Yusuf, who was said to be drinking a known whiskey, spotted the accused on his way back home and called him, turning his dane gun on himself and asking him to fire it.

The deceased who allegedly acted under the influence of alcohol was believed to have fortified himself with the protective charms, but the charms woefully failed him. Adamu claimed his stepfather turned the loaded dane g¥n on himself by putting it on his stomach and asked him to hold it and sh@@t it.

Adamu stated that he refused, but the deceased insisted that he do as he had commanded. In response to his stepfather’s order, the young man pulled the trigger on the g¥n, which penetrated and wounded the vigilante. He was rushed to the hospital and declared de@d.


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