Dencia – Meghan and Harry are fake for attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and looking sad

Singer Dencia has taken shots at the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle who showed up for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral held on Sept.19.

Dencia said that Prince Harry and Meghan are pretenders for attending the funeral and acting sad, saying that things didn’t work out well between the couple and the British monarchy when the Queen was alive.

Dencia also said she would have banned Harry and Meghan if she was a King.

She tweeted;

Meghan Markle is actually hella fake for going to that funeral & acting all sad. Infact Harry Too. Infact I’d have banned & Banished them if I were the King. Y’all argue with your ancestors !! Let me stop minding racist slave master Caucasian peoples business anyways.


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