Brawl with Tenor, Eunice Zunon booed at Didi B concert

Eunice Junon had an accident on Saturday evening during a concert by the young rapper DDB.

What’s going on ?

Eunice Juno insulted during a Didi b concert

We discovered that Ivorian web actress Eunice Zunon and Cameroonian rapper Tenor are at the center of the heated debate that has recently sparked an online firestorm.

It all started with an online video showing two celebrities who have been dating since January 2021 getting into a fight.

A fight in which Eunice Juno hits her lover and tries to break the bottle on his head. To protect himself, the tenor picks up Eunice and violently throws her to the ground.

The incident caused a lot of ink to flow on social networks. For her part, Eunice Juno has decided to apologize. An apology that seems to have been ignored by fans of Ivorian rapper Didi B, who severely booed Bb Bouche Pointue during the rapper’s concert at the Palais de la culture in Abidjan on Saturday.

Eunice Junon, who took to the podium to support the artist, was booed by the audience.

Visibly embarrassed by this situation, Didi b tried to reassure the fans. – Be brave. she’s a lady Whatever happens on the internet, we’re not entitled to it.

A video of the scene has gone viral on the internet. It is sure to cause a lot of reactions. ”They are serious. It is unprovoked malice and hatred towards their Ivorian sisters. Now I say Oh tenor, is that person your relative?

Ah, we can bring people’s family issues down to reality until they upload them to social media and boo the Ivorian sisters at concerts. To be honest, they are pathetic Ivorians. Oh what a shame. Ma joliena Zunonbook_offociel Strength and Courage. Do not worry. God will make you strong.”

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