A le*bian k*lls the husband of the woman she is dating because the man caught them doing**

A les*bian named Ebele Onochie murd*red a married man, Ikechukwu Onuma, after catching him having s*x with his wife, Nkemdili, in Inland Town, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria. The incident allegedly occurred a few months ago when the man unexpectedly returned home and discovered his wife k*ssing his le*bian partner.

Ebele, who was still on the run when the case was revealed, allegedly st@bbed Ikechukwu to de@th before fleeing the scene. Friends of the deceased took to facebook to mourn him and demand justice for the deceased who was described as `a happy boy, a very dear friend and a brother re heart” for some.

Egboka Ogunji wrote; “Young people of Onitsha, justice must be done”. Sharing a photo of Nkemdili and her alleged lover. Charles Anwah wrote: “she has to pay for it”

My heart goes out to all Onuma family members in Onitsha Anambra State for the sudden and painful death of your beloved son, brother, uncle and husband Ikechukwu Onuma aka Ayaaya Onye-Obodo. It is indeed a great loss,” wrote Mazi Chukwujindu.

Our world is truly wicked. Why take people’s lives in such a way. This is the place to remember that we must marry for love and separate when there is no more love.


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