A heartfelt letter from a Kenyan woman to her best friend who snatched her husband away.

Flo Njoki, a Kenyan mother of two, and her husband, Marnix Huis, recently divorced.

Her husband was having an affair with Sydney Wamaitha, her best friend. Flo recalled how her husband abruptly lost interest in her and began criticizing everything she did. He allegedly stopped having s*xual relations with her and even accused her of having a mental disorder.

Despite her best efforts to save her marriage, even going to therapy, he asked her for a divorce. Unbeknownst to her all along, the reason for this sudden change was that he and Sydney were dating.

According to Flo, Sidney was the same friend she confided in, cried with about her troubled marriage, and cooked and dined with at her home. The same person who works for his brother.

Read her heartfelt message below:

So you know I’ve barely been married a year and your eyes are on the father of my children.. I’m having dinner with you, cooking in my house with you .. I borrow movies and go watch them at your place with my daughter. You are a good friend. You are humble, God fearing.sweet..i went to the same university with you..we were doing exams in the same room..You are employed by my brother, and you gave myself free ground for your business Your eyes are fixed on the prize my husband..father of my children I sat next to you in an office for a few years, you helped me fix my computer if it broke down. You’re the nicest..I’m the most naive.  I see a good girlfriend and in my naivety, I don’t suspect  I didn’t know that behind my back you were plotting  but something is wrong in my marriage..my husband is looking for faults. I can’t make her happy… I’m invaluable because I want a good couch…. I want a good bed for my kids.. Then he says I have a mental disorder..I have anger problems.. I try to be nice but he pushes me away, and sleeps on the edge of the bed. I wonder what’s wrong with me. ..I want to try so hard to make the marriage work  but I don’t know the forces outside when he comes to our office to see me but his eyes are ;fixed on a more beautiful person. I can’t grasp it.

Now my kids know you fixed their dad’s WiFi..if they knew  how I blamed others because my fingers couldn’t understand the distance between us..

But in the end the truth comes out..I can’t believe it’s you… all along..

Throughout life…from the very beginning.. enjoying motorcycle rides..like us at the beginning..

I’m barely divorced now, and you’re a good friend to my kids..I’ve never met anyone so dangerously beautiful.

Maybe he’s the love of your life..but you made us go through hell..the tears we cried.. let them fall on you.. I admire your composure in all of this…

Maybe you think you’ll be happy.. Be careful not to cry like I did, hurt like I was.

I wish you the best as my children call you mother in law..

I wish you happiness for the next 40 years, as I was led to believe..all our promises are now passed on to you..

I pity you, as I pity my children, when they asked me so many questions.

I have never begged anyone who has cheated on me, even for therapies, because I was led to believe that I had a disorder. mental..You saw my pain..I told you my heartache, Sydney Wamaitha..

I wish you happiness with Marnix Huis Int Veld.. but I recognize that you and Marnix Huis Int veld.. have brought tears and heartaches to Aisha and Justin

Marnix is such a cheater..and the way I put so much trust in you…

A founder and director of the macheo children’s home in thika. Shame

Helping others while hurting your loved ones.

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