7 most populated cities in the world

Some cities in the world have a really rising growth rate, with globalization, technologies, everyone wants to move to the city. So here are the 7 most populated cities in the world.

 7. Cairo in Egypt with 24 million inhabitants

The Egyptian capital occupies the 7th place in our ranking. The city crossed by the Nile River, has enormous historical wealth. In particular the pyramids of Gizeh, the statue of the sphinx, the Egyptian museum.

All this wealth of architecture attracts people who come to live in life, the city has about 24 million inhabitants.

With universities, modern hospitals, mosques, Cairo has everything to have many more inhabitants in the world.

 6. Shanghai in China with 25 million inhabitants

With a large area of ​​6340 square kilometers, the city of Shanghai already stands out for its size. It is the most populous city in China, it has about 25 million inhabitants. This is one of the most important economic capitals of the world which occupies a primordial place in the world economy.

This city serves primarily as a gateway to China. And also is positioned in the same way as the city of Sidney or Singapore, the great powerful world metropolises.

 5. Delhi in India with 27 million inhabitants

New Delhi is very famous for various reasons. First, the city has a remarkable animation in its streets, its carts and its rickshaws of exotic fruits. Plus, its shops and spice stalls are part of the big deal.

It is at the same time a territory and a city which is located in the north of India by sheltering New Delhi, the capital of the country. The estimated population is around 27 million.

 4. Manila in the Philippines 29 million inhabitants

Asia has many more populated cities. The capital of the Philippines, Manila is among the most visited and therefore most populated cities in the world.

The rapid growth in the population rate of certain countries leads to the congestion of its large cities. Being one of the vast metropolises of the country, Manila has about nearly 29 inhabitants.

 3. Jakarta in Indonesia with 35 million inhabitants

 By the number of its inhabitants makes Jakarta the third most populated city in the world. The latter has nearly 35 million inhabitants.


Jakarta is a city of mixture of several cultures including European, Chinese, Javanese, Malay, Arab and Indian culture which cohabit and mix without problem. This gives a specific identity to the city. This richness is felt in the art of construction and the culinary art of the city.

 2. Sao Paulo in Brazil with 36 million inhabitants

This metropolis is a financial center of the country with a dynamic character, and is also present among the 10 most populated cities in the world. This is certainly explained with the number of its inhabitants raised to around 36 million.

Christ rédempteur, Brésil

With its area of ​​1521 square kilometer, Sao Paulo built with a rich architectural culture and cultural institutions.

 1. Tokyo in Japan with 43 million inhabitants

As you well know, Tokyo is the capital of Japan. The city combines a mix of breathtaking skyscrapers with ancient temples. This Japanese city has approximately 43 million inhabitants.

The city has several galleries that offer staggering exhibitions of Japanese art. We have the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Tokyo National Museum and others. The capital covers an area of ​​622.99 square kilometers.

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