7 Deadly Sins: Symptoms and Treatments

According to the Bible, here are the 7 deadly sins. Considered a disease of the soul by some religions. Sins is a form of declensions to evil.

 1. Pride

 ► Symptoms: It is the belief of being self-sufficient to achieve happiness. This sin invites to dispense with the existence of God and or even of others. It pushes a person never to ask for help from other individuals, to “join together” to succeed in any situation, to monopolize the benefit of a success only to oneself… The “Me first is the main motto of the proud.

 ► Treatment: the treatment is to seek the true humility in oneself which consists in admitting that one still and always depends on God and others to survive.

2. Greed

 ► Symptoms: it is the fact of losing one’s freedom to have material goods and money without sharing with others in need. Always have it, want more, always more, again and again until you no longer know what to do with it, and this at all costs through violence, betrayal, or even theft. “Always more” is the main motto of the miser.

 ► Treatment: the treatment is to open our eyes to the modern world and also see the needs of others such as the poorest. Sharing and giving are effective remedies.

 3. Jealousy

 ► Symptoms: It is an intense envy that is associated with hatred, jealousy relates to people and envy to goods. Both are kindled by an impossibility to rejoice and be satisfied with oneself. The jealous person not only wants to be loved but also wants to be preferred by many. For this all means are good to achieve it. “Only mine” forever is the motto of the jealous.

 ► Treatment: the treatment is to recognize one’s limits in life as one’s qualities. Above all, refuse useless comparisons. Learn to rejoice in the good that others do in everyday life and in the possessions they possess.

4. Anger

 ► Symptoms: It is a bad advisor, anger destroys all mental capacities to contain oneself or to control one’s actions. It sometimes overflows into concrete violence. She bears no endurance from others. The “I’m right!” is eternally the motto of cholerics.

 ► Treatment: the treatment is to take a step back in oneself, from the height. Exercise strong patience, renounce above all a desire for perfection and make peace with others and one’s past by forgiving and asking for forgiveness.

5. lust

 ► Symptoms: it is an overabundance of the relationship to one’s body and to others. In this sin, nothing but personal pleasure counts, while everything in a fulfilled sensuality cannot be shared. Sexuality in itself is not evil, it fundamentally participates in the creative act and the strengthening of love, but it should not be confused with lust, which is vice in the relentless search for pleasure. The “My pleasure above all!” is the debauchee’s main motto.

 ► Treatment: the only treatment is chastity. That is to say the right attention on his body and that of others. And remembering that the pleasure of the body is meaningless if it is truly disconnected from the heart.

 6. Greed

 ► Symptoms: That’s it, it’s all about power measurement. It is necessary to detect the possible overabundance of desire to eat which leads to bulimia or anorexia. “Live to eat” is the glutton’s main motto.

 Gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins.

 ►Treatment: to treat gluttony, you have to test the fasting system and also control the desire to eat each time. Listen to your body while taking into account its real needs to live.

7. The laziness

 ► Symptoms: Laziness comes down to two excesses of action. First, the lack of relative initiatives and the total refusal of responsibilities and services. Then, oddly, a letting go of all his negative impulses and the refusal to persevere in an action and to avoid dispersion. “I don’t want to” is the main motto of the lazy person.

 ► Treatment: the treatment for laziness is not to do things just out of “envy”, to preserve in a work, to hold on, to stop letting the events of life decide for you. Fully invest!

 Laziness is the hardest of the 7 deadly sins.

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