10 of the best hospitals in Africa

In our ranking, we find the hospitals of South Africa which have 3 place and Egypt two places. In Africa, there are many hospitals offering good care. Here are the 10 best hospitals in Africa:

 1. Gambro Healthcare, Swaziland

 Privately owned by Baxter International Inc, Gambro AB is a true benchmark in the African continent for proper medical care.

Amazingly located in Swaziland, Sub-Saharan Africa. the center solicited worldwide for its care of patients, whether on dialysis or in intensive care. It is rare to find such a beautiful infrastructure in Africa.

 2. As Salam International Hospital, Egypt

Part of the Alameda Health Group. This is a network that has several health care subsidiaries in all Egyptian territories.

As-Salam International Hospital treats its patients well. Thanks in particular to its large workforce of 700 doctors and above all more than 400 nurses. The hospital is located in the capital of Egypt, Cairo. She is also affiliated with Royal Free Hospital in London.


As Salam hospital was established in 1982. And has been serving not only the Egyptian and global community for more than 38 years. This is why it is among the 10 of the best hospitals in Africa.

 3. Netcare, South Africa

A private hospital open to all categories of people. Netcare offers primary and appropriate health care. She is also skilled in emergency medical services, kidney care, and mental health in South Africa.

It has been a leading provider of private health care across South Africa for some years now. According to the Webometric ranking, it is third out of the 10 best hospitals in Africa.

 4. Life Healthcare Hospital Group, South Africa

As its name states, Life Healthcare is a hospital care group. It has more than 66 extended representations in South Africa.

By its quality of service, Life Healthcare Hospital group is the fourth safest hospital. In Africa, it is among the 10 of the best hospitals in Africa.


The hospital group has a network of more than 4,000 specialists, allowing it to treat more than 600,000 South African patients and especially foreigners.

 5. The Pasteur Institute of Madagascar, Madagascar

Yes, it’s a surprise. But this institute deserves its place in webometric studies. We surely get used to finding countries with a development tendency of the kind of list. But the Pasteur Institute makes a big exception.

With a good infrastructure, The Pasteur Institute of Madagascar is a Malagasy private hospital which has a profit-making purpose. The hospital has a mission to help prevent disease and treat it. It is also an institution based on development with scientific research, training and public health.

 6. Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro, Abeokuta, Nigeria

It is not really beautiful in infrastructure like the cited hospitals, Neuropsychiatric Hopspital Aro is a federal institution based on mental health care.

The hospital is the very first neuropsychiatric hospital built in Nigeria during World War II in 1944, it currently has over 537 patient beds.

The hospital has had its global scale thanks in particular to its innovative mental health care systems on its patients.

Its mission is to provide the best possible quality mental health services, training and research on neuropsychiatry in a supportive environment. It is in collaboration with the international community.

This is what gives it sixth place among the 10 best hospitals in Africa.

 7. Ganzouri Specialized Hospital, Egypt

Ganzouri Specialized Hospital is a private general hospital located in the heart of Cairo. The hospital has more than 50 years of service on this Egyptian.

Ganzouri Specialty Hospital is in the business of proper care and in recent years the hospital has really improved in intensive care.

Moreover, Ganzouri Specialty Hospital recognized under the FHA Gold Initiative as a “Model Hospital” among the 58 healthcare organizations and hospitals from 8 countries participating in this initiative.

 8. Diani Beach Hospital, Kenya

Sitting in a place, Diani Beach Hospital is one of the first or the first magnificently infrastructural health facility in the South Coast of Kenya.

It not only has an adequate cardiac care ambulance but also an elite state-of-the-art intensive care unit. The local hospital has really invested in the good quality of its technical platform in order to simply compete with the most renowned hospitals in the most developed countries.


The hospital has laboratory and imaging services, minor and major operating rooms, dental services, doctors on call 24 hours a day and above all a follow-up service for hospitalized patients.


Apart from all its marvels, the hospital offers small dishes to promote its quality of care and take its place on the international scene. All his efforts well rewarded by taking the 8th place of the best hospitals in Africa.

 9. Center Hospitalier Mohammed VI, Morocco

The Center Hospitalier Mohammed VI is a public health establishment under the supervision of the Moroccan Ministry of Health and Environment. The hospital was only created on August 30, 2001, and did not wait several decades to give its mark of professionalism and quality of service in Africa in particular.

The Mohammed VI Hospital Center totals more than 400,000 consultations per year, for more than 100,000 admissions and more than 20,000 surgical operations performed. Enough to make him the 9th of the 10 best hospitals in Africa.

 10. Children’s Hospital Trust, South Africa

A hospital entirely dedicated to the medical care of children, especially children from and mainly from poor communities in South Africa and Africa as a whole. This is basically what the South African Children’s Hospital has been besieging since the 90s.

The hospital is financed by several organizations helping poor children.

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