10 most touristic countries in the world

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The world cuts the throat of several beautiful countries with good tourist cities to visit, so you want to travel the world? Here are the 10 most touristic countries in the world. You will be well received and very happy.

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 Despite the COVID-19 crisis, some countries are still slowly regaining their tourist advantages, this list is based on surveys from previous years. Since the world is going through a very difficult time.

 1. France

 As you well know, France is the first tourist country in the world with its capital Paris, city of light. The number 1 of the most touristic countries in the world, France has 38 tourist sites all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2013.

France : pays les plus touristiques du monde

Namely, France welcomes approximately every year more than 89 million tourists. Also known for its extensive gastronomy, the famous monuments are: the Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint-Michel or Notre Dame de Paris.


France has been in place for several years and maintains its place of first in the ranking. Which is not surprising because France is among the most beautiful countries in the world. If you want to spend weekends in tourist mode, France is the beautiful destination to visit its magnificent monuments.

 2. Spain

With Madrid as its capital, Spain receives around 82 million visitors every year. Apart from being a country of football, Spain is a huge magical place to go and visit precisely in the Catalan city of Barcelona with its many historical monuments dating back several centuries.

pays les plus touristiques du monde
Monuments Espagne

Spain as a whole has 44 sites all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There is no reason to visit this magnificent country, because it is also among the 5 countries with the most ranked in the world.

Some regions of the country, take their advantage in tourism such as Andousia with its wonderful monuments of Cordoba, Seville, Granada or Alcazar.

 3. The United States of America

The richest country in the world by GDP, the United States attracts approximately 79 million visitors per year. The United States has 21 tourist sites all classified in the world heritage of UNESCO.

pays les plus touristiques du monde
Monuments États-Unis

The country that everyone dreams of is also coveted by tourists for its natural parks such as Yellowstone and Monument Valley.


With magnificent cities, breathtaking skyscrapers, the United States is a direct attraction for tourists. Apart from its many cities, New York remains one of the cities that attracts the most tourists in the world. Its magnitude continues to increase every year.

 4. China

The most populous country in the world and the world’s second largest economy. China is not only the country with a large workforce, a country attracting many visits. It has 45 tourist sites and as usual all are in the UNESCO World Heritage.

pays les plus touristiques du monde
Cité interdite chine

Like Spain, China is also one of the countries with more World Heritage sites. China also has one of the oldest and most visited monuments in the world. The Chinese wall is also an integral part of the wonders to visit in the world.

 5. Italy

The Roman country is a country with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Italy has a total of 49 classified and visited sites. These sites are notably due to its distant past during Roman antiquity.

pays les plus touristiques du monde

Namely, Italy has a really impressive history given its monuments and ancient places. In its sites, we can cite the island of Sicily which attracts many visitors every year who come to discover the wonders.


Italy is based on tourism mainly in its countries: Rome, Florence, Venice or even Milan. The country also offers good gastronomy like France.

 6. Turkey

The country in economic transit, Turkey is also one of the most touristic countries in the world, it is ranked in 6th position. Turkey surrounds nearly 45 million tourists from all over the world.

Monuments Turquie

Turkey is a good destination for many visitors with its city phrases like Istanbul which has great beach resorts.

 7. Mexico

It is placed 7th in our ranking, Mexico has 42 tourist sites in the UNESCO World Heritage and welcomes nearly 41 million tourists per year.

Monuments Turquie

The country steeped in history, Mexico has many sites built in the ancient Mayan civilization. As an example, we can see the pre-Hispanic of Chichen-Itza which is included in the exceptional list of the 7 wonders of the world.

Mexico is in the list of countries that receives more visitors per year.

 8. Germany

On a par with France, Germany has nearly 38 UNESCO World Heritage tourist sites. In figures, Germany welcomes more than 38 million tourists per year.

Monuments Allemagne

In particular, by its huge Catholic cathedrals, such as the one in Cologne or Aix-La-Chapelle. Its capital is the city of the country which attracts more visitors with magnificent monuments.

 9. Thailand

Incredibly, Thailand is in this list of the most touristic countries with nearly 38 million tourists per year. Its capital, Bangkok, is included in the list of the most visited cities in the world by year.

Monuments Thailand

The country attracts for its magnificent capital but also for its culture and its welcoming aspect as in its northern cities, in Chiang Mai or for its magnificent views of the beaches, in the south of the country.

 10. The United Kingdom

The country has a total of 28 tourist sites classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The UK receives nearly 38 million visitors worldwide each year.

Monuments anglais

As in almost all countries in the world, its capital London holds a lot of interest for visitors seen its breathtaking constructions. The United Kingdom inappropriately loses 3 places in this list of the world’s tourist countries.

This list has been turned upside down by COVID-19, but some countries are starting to receive even more visitors despite the crises the world is currently going through.

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