10 most expensive presidential planes in the world

Some presidents’ planes have colossal prices. Their enormous price is due to new technologies. They have dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and everything that can make a president happy. Being on top of a country is no easy job, so here are the 10 most expensive presidential jets in the world.

 10. Airbus A330-200 (France), $240 million

Emmanuel Macron has an Airbus capable of making several trips, whether long or short. The aircraft for a price of 240 million dollars is cost-effective and flexible, can accommodate 247 passengers. It is a truly ideal investment vehicle for meetings between world leaders.

The aircraft is equipped with improvements every year by its seats, berths, lights and especially the revision of the engine.

 9. Airbus A340-500 (Tunisia), $238 million

The airbus completely satisfies the former Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. It has hardly been used but its price is worth 238 million dollars and the Tunisian government has decided to sell it after the end of its term.

Surpassing the French plane, with 238 million dollars, the plane is a masterpiece of the air. The maximum capacity is 250 passengers and has four engines. These great performances allow the whole team to enjoy the view from above without worries. It can climb higher up to 12633 meters above sea level and can travel 16019 Kilometers.

8. Airbus A340-313 (Germany), $238 million

With the colors black, red adding gold, the white painted plane is a real German beauty. The plane is worth $238 million. He is also known as Konrad Adenauer. The plane was using to help evacuate Libyan citizens in 2011 during the country’s political crisis.

By its power, the aircraft can travel a maximum of 15556 kilometers without stopping. The plane has the capacity to hold 143 passengers with bedrooms, kitchens, a VIP cabin and above all a first class service.

 7. Boeing 777-300ER (Bangladesh), $260 million

The lesser-known country of luxurious living, but their Boeing exceeds the norm with $260 million. The aircraft has two high end engines which is added to accompany the Biman Bangladesh Airlines in 2011.

With its headquarters accommodating large classes of commerce and economy of the country, it is also the place where important long-term government meetings are held. This plane does not really weigh and gives less pollution precisely, it emits 22% less carbon dioxide than other presidential planes.

It has consolidated itself as one of the essential high performance commercial aircraft in the world with the ability to fly non-stop to various European destinations thanks to its General Electric twin engine.

 6. Boeing 747SP (Yemen), $300 million

A rare specimen like this had the misfortune to endure severe damage in 2015 which forced Abd Rabbuh Mansur to change planes. The plane was caught in the summer of 2015 by a firestorm which left the $300 million plane in scrap.

This model exists only 45 in the world, So protecting these large carriers is essential. The plane is despite its incidents among the 10 most expensive presidential planes in the world.

5. Boeing 747-200B (USA), $325 million

Boeing is one thing that can never be missing when talking about the presidency of the United States, thus with a value of 325 million the plane is among the 10 most expensive presidential planes in the world.

The plane can fly up to 12700 kilometers with its 4 turbojets and can climb up to an altitude of 13746 meters with a speed of 969 kilometers in one hour.

 4. Air Force One (USA), $325 million

Very similar to the Doomsday plane, the plane is famous for having certain details on its design which remain spectacular. It is the key aircraft in the presidency of Barack Obama.

The Boeing VC-25 has a newly revealed price tag of $325 million. Some important aspects in this plane are the emblematic spaces entirely for conferences, the offices and above all the high and delicate technology that has nothing to envy to that of Apple, as well as a luxurious interior cared for in every detail.

Air Force One can hold just over a hundred passengers, and is able to travel 12,552.88 km in length without stopping.

 3. Airbus A380 (Saudi Arabia), $500 million

The former prince of Arabia bought his own five-star flying hotel during his lifetime. This machine currently costs $500 million. All this due to the customization and its magnificent design.

The former prince had private jets, and this Airbus ranks third in our ranking of the 10 most expensive presidential planes in the world.

It is equipped with everything one could wish to have, you can live there. With a maximum capacity of 800 passengers, it offers its happy guests a truly full-service spa, several plasma screen televisions, a sauna, a dining room with a capacity of accommodating twenty people and all the gastronomy imaginable. .

 2. Boeing 747 (Saudi Arabia), $520 million

Among the examples cited from the major carriers of Saudi Arabia, one could say that this Boeing takes the cake in front. King Abdullah didn’t just settle for little, so he modified his plane into a veritable $520 million flying palace.

Other world leaders have not gone as far as him. With its advanced technology, pompous decorations, the Boeing 747 deserves second place among the 10 most expensive presidential aircraft in the world.

 1. Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (Mexico), $600 million

The plane designed by Enrique Peña Nieto, with its value, it is the most expensive presidential asset in the world currently precisely 600 million dollars.

Although its exterior is truly impressive, the interior will take your breath away. In particular, it hides elegance and sophistication in every corner. Thus, the Boeing captures the gaze of large numbers of lovers of the aeronautical world.

Equipped with a huge engine that can propel it to a speed of over 1,609 kilometers per hour. It also offers the possibility of flying over the west coast of North America to reach the east coast of Asia.

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